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Being a mom to two young boys (2.5 and 5 years old) hasn’t been easy. They are in a constant state of energy, always wanting to run around and play with a continuous need to be stimulated.

It’s always a challenge to keep them entertained, especially during those rainy days indoors. This led me to search for new toys that stimulate their senses and most importantly, keep them busy!

That is when I turned to VTech Toys to keep them engaged and having fun. I want to share my personal experience with a variety of VTech car toys and how they have helped me keep my sons (and daughter, too) entertained for hours!

Not only are the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets fun for kids and a great holiday gift idea, but they also provide a variety of benefits for their development. Little ones are always learning through play, and VTech toys provide educational opportunities as they entertain themselves.

As a parent, I want my kids to have fun while also learning something new.

These toys come equipped with buttons, lights, music, and interactive features that make learning fun. My boys love pressing the buttons to hear the different sounds and watch the cars light up.

Navigating through the courses, racing down the tracks, and figuring out how to make things work engages both their problem-solving and fine motor skills.

Another great feature of these VTech playsets is how easy they are to use. The buttons and features are simple enough for young children to figure out on their own.

As a busy mom, I appreciate not having to spend hours assembling complicated toys and also having to play with the toys alongside them. My 2-year-old picked up how to play with all these toys by himself very quickly and really enjoys the independent play!

My Favorite VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Toys

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spiral Construction Tower is an engaging toy with a spiral tower and construction site. My 2-year-old loved spinning down, cruising through, and exploring the different interactive SmartPoint areas.

He loved hanging the bundles of steel on the swinging crane hook, lowering the drawbridge, using the elevator, and watching the dump truck spin down the track.

He had a blast with his cars on this track and I really noticed him talking and using his imagination alongside this track set.

With a talking fire truck, sturdy track set, and SmartPoint technology, The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Rescue Tower Firehouse is another awesome option for young boys. Even my 5-year-old wanted in on the fun when watching his little brother play.

It helps that my son always says that he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, so I knew how much he’d love this toy. Both kids explored the fire station and raced the fire truck down the ramp and through the fire station doors. It was so cute watching their faces when the fire truck sprung into action at the first sound of an imaginary emergency!

The SmartPoint areas play sounds, music, and phrases about feelings and being a firefighter. Your kids will definitely stay engaged and have fun with this fire house and all of its features!

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels 4-in-1 Zig-Zag Raceway is an exciting track set with zooming ramps, battle bumpers, and talking stunt cars.

My son loved racing his brother for first place and performing cool tricks on the Zig-Zag Track, Battle Raceway, Stunt Raceway, and Super Ramp. Although I had to play referee with whose car actually zoomed the fastest and crossed the finish line first, it was fun for all of us!

I’m always looking for toys that both of my kids can play with together and a bit of competition never hurt anybody! So this was a great choice.

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Roadway Heroes 3-Pack is an exciting toy vehicle set. With the SmartPoint Revved-Up Race Car, Helpful Police Car, and Tow Truck, kids can explore first words, emotions, and the importance of helping others.

Pressing the windshields triggers sounds, songs, and phrases. Kids can also activate sound effects by closing the hoods or moving the Tow Truck's hook. My son loved revving up the engine and watching these vehicles soar across the floor.

These are great toys that kids can take anywhere and play with - the car, restaurants, traveling, you name it!

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels have been a game-changer for me and my two boys. They provide endless hours of fun and learning and are durable enough to withstand all the wear and tear that comes with having two active boys.

I highly recommend these toys to any parent looking for an affordable, educational, and fun way to keep their children entertained. Whether it's during rainy days indoors or simply for everyday play, VTech toys are a great investment for your child's entertainment and development!

Author Bio:

Marissa LaBuz is a Jersey Shore-based Pediatric Occupational Therapist turned stay-at-home-mom of three, who founded the motherhood and lifestyle blog, Just Simply Mom. She serves as a community of moms seeking tips and advice for the everyday joys and challenges they face as a mother.

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Is your little one CoComelon™ obsessed?! Because mine are, that’s for sure! Throw the ultimate birthday celebration for your child with this fun CoComelon™ birthday party featuring gifts they’re sure to love from VTech Toys!

The Table

Throwing a CoComelon™ party doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few key items, your little one will be singing The Wheels on the Bus in no time. My number one tip is to include TONS of color. My favorite way to do this is by making a DIY balloon garland. It makes an amazing backdrop for the table and is super inexpensive when you do it yourself. I also like to incorporate the characters, usually on the plates or napkins. For the centerpiece, I usually like to have the cake front and center to draw the eye down the middle of the table. To save some money, I grabbed a grocery store cake and spruced it up with a CoComelon™ topper and colorful candles. The kids loved it and would have never known the difference.

The Favors

We had a small group of kids ages 2-5, so I opted for getting each child VTech CoComelon™ Go! Go! Smart Wheels toys, which were a huge hit. I incorporated these in the decor, and then they were able to pick one to take home. We had everything from Cody’s School Bus & Track to JJ's Tractor & Track, Nina's Fire Truck & Track, and JJ's Recycling Truck & Track. With a gentle pat on the head, these toys come alive with voices and sing-alongs. Kids can also explore cause and effect by driving their character over the SmartPoint locations for more songs, sounds and phrases from the show CoComelon™! Cool, right?!

The Gifts

How could I not gift CoComelon™ toys?! It’s a CoComelon™ party after all! I decided to roll with the VTech CoComelon™ Go! Go! Smart Wheels theme and get the track playsets to go along with the cars. I opted for the VTech CoComelon™ Go! Go! Smart Wheels JJ's House Track Set and VTech CoComelon™ Go! Go! Smart Wheels Grocery Store Track Set. I love that you can connect the tracks to make a whole, interactive place scene that explores cause and effect.

The party was a huge success! If your little one is any bit of a CoComelon™ fan like mine, I highly recommend this party theme.

Author Bio:

Sierra Miller is a mom and content creator from Fort Worth, TX who specializes in creating magic in the everyday. From DIY projects and gift ideas to parties and decor, this mom of two knows how to bring out the best in every special occasion.

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The Best Toy Picks for Everyone on Your List

It’s almost that time of year when our little ones are making their lists, and we are left walking the store aisles, and scouring pages and pages of online shops trying to find the perfect gift.

This year, I am here to help!

As a mom of 3 little ones and author of a book all about pretend play, I have some strong opinions on toys! Today, I am sharing a gift guide featuring some of my favorite gift ideas for this year. VTech® always does an amazing job creating toys with longevity and multiple play opportunities that will keep your little ones excited and learning.

Here are my top 6 gift picks for ages 6 and under!

If the little one you are shopping for loves music, the VTech® KidiStar DJ Mixer™ is the ultimate gift! You can set up a disco party in their bedroom with the fun sounds and lights on this DJ toy. It even connects to BLUETOOTH®! Our favorite feature is creating custom soundtracks on it and saving them to replay later. You can even practice following rhythms with the included games.

If the little one you are shopping for loves games, the VTech® KidiZoom® Smartwatch DX3™ will get them excited! For those future tech lovers who are always interested in mom or dad’s watches, the VTech® KidiZoom® Smartwatch DX3™ is one of the coolest watches around. It has so many features! We love the free games it comes with–they are perfect for those long waits at the doctor's office or restaurants. Our favorite games are the active games that get them moving like Running Race and Funky Jump. The parental controls are perfect for school. You can even use the light on the watch as a flashlight!

If the little one you are shopping for loves coloring, VTech® Write & Learn Creative Center™ will help their creativity flourish! This is one of those learning toys that your little one will use for years to come! It has animated demonstrations to help with learning the proper way to write their letters. You can even customize it to teach them how to write their own name. From learning shapes, letters, and early writing skills, the VTech® Write & Learn Creative Center™ makes this whole process fun! We love bringing this toy in the car on road trips.

If the little one you are shopping for loves dinosaurs, VTech® Switch & Go® 2-in-1 Spino Speedster will have them flying and roaring all through the house with their new toy! This set of transforming dinosaurs can change from a single dinosaur to a fireball-launching mega car! You can play with it independently as two dinosaurs or combine them together. It has fun sounds and is the ultimate action toy!

If the little one you are shopping for loves reading books, VTech® Storytime With Sunny™ will peak their attention. This toy is mesmerizing for kids with life-like animated expressions and movements. Whether Sunny is telling jokes or helping your little one settle down for bedtime, it's the perfect companion for when bedtime can be a struggle. The soft glowing nightlight makes it easy to fall asleep, and the interchangeable disks let your little one be in control of the fun stories and games that Sunny provides.

If the little one you are shopping for loves watching movies, the VTech® KidiZoom® Creator Cam lets them take the role of director! With a greenscreen included, this camera has so many fun features to spark your child’s creativity. You can swap out the backgrounds on the camera by having the “actors” stand in front of the green screen. The editing and creative tools are right there on the camera. My oldest has had so much fun making short, funny videos with his siblings.

So, there you have it, my top 6 gift picks for the little ones in your life! From music lovers to budding tech enthusiasts, creative minds to dinosaur enthusiasts, and even little bookworms and aspiring filmmakers. VTech® has you covered with a fantastic array of toys that combine fun with learning. These gifts are sure to bring smiles, laughter, and hours of entertainment to your little ones.

Happy gifting and may your holiday season be filled with joy and playtime adventures!

Author Bio:

Mandy Roberson is a certified childbirth educator, mom of 3 and founder of Momma Society--the community for modern moms. She loves holidays and making memories with her children. In her free time, you will find her crafting and creating fun printables for Magic Playbook--a monthly digital subscription for moms

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