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10 Awesome Ways to Organize Your Playroom with VTech’s Go! Go! Cory Carson Collection

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Organize your playroom alongside Cory Carson and his pals with these simple tips to promote fun, learning, and exploration!

As a busy mom of two young, energetic kids, I am no stranger to the clutter generated from a well-used playroom. I absolutely love listening to my kiddies come up with creative ideas while playing with their favorite toys, but it’s also a reminder that they can enjoy their toys infinitely more in an organized space that allows for movement, consistency, and easy clean up!

We have a little saying that we live by in our house: Surround yourself with things that you love, and store (or give away) the rest!

When the kids got a chance to explore VTechâ’s adorable Go! Go! Cory Carsonâ collection, I knew these awesome Bumperton Hills friends would be a staple in the playroom. I am thrilled to incorporate and share some of my best tips for creating an organized playroom with this super fun line of toys!

1. Make cleanup fun with designated storage

Combining pretend play with accessibility allows children to enjoy their cleanup time. Add a “pull-in garage” to any unused or open spaces in your storage shelves or toy boxes to allow Cory and his vehicle friends to sleep for the night in Bumperton Hills!

My daughter loves to park Halle the helicopter in the “construction garage” and pushes the windshield to hear her talk. Freddie the firetruck is my son’s favorite because he LOVES to place him on the Firehouse’s SmartPoint location to discover more phrases and sounds.

2. Use picture labels to promote independent sorting

Pictures are a great guide for children when sorting to clean up and it creates a more effective way for everyone to organize. I use printable picture labels that are easy for my three-year-old to recognize and include additional labels wherever we need them! The bin labeled with a construction helmet shown below contains all of their helmets and the label also highlights the location of the Bumperton Construction Garage. :)

3. Incorporate a toy display area

This is one of my favorite tips. Take advantage of a smaller or awkward wall space by turning it into a toy display! Your kids will be delighted to see their favorite Bumperton pals highlighted in their play space, and it also allows you, the parent, to control whether toys are in or out of reach at any given time.

4. Choose furniture with ample storage, the more the better

Toys are an important part of our kids’ lives and help them to develop in so many vital ways. At home we embrace the toy life and make sure that we have the storage we need to stay organized. If you don’t have a lot of space, try opting for a table or corner stand with built in space for storage.

5. Designate small containers for storing smaller toys

When small toys are dumped into large toy boxes at the end of the day, it’s easy to lose track of what toys are actually in the room, sometimes resulting in favorites getting “lost in the sauce”. Using smaller containers for small toys creates a reliable system that can inspire children to enjoy cleaning when they get that instant gratification of putting toys in the right place.

Larger Toys=larger baskets! My son enjoyed designating a new

home for Freddie’s Firehouse.

6. Rotate out your child’s underused toys

To make organizing easier for everyone, have a separate place to put toys away that isn’t as accessible as the rest of the toys. A closet in another room coupled with a few plastic storage drawers is a great example. So while I have a small space upstairs for a toy rotation, Timmy the bulldozer and all of their other go-to toys are accessible every day!

7. Utilize storage space in an adjacent room

Clearing clutter is an important part of organization. If clearing out toys isn’t at the top of the list, using a storage ottoman in a nearby room, for example, can be helpful to store those miscellaneous toys.

8. Utilize storage spaces in seating

Multi-use storage solutions are a life saver for organization. They certainly have been for my household. Storage, seating and a play area? Love it! Grab a cushion and some pillows for your storage shelves or try a storage bench. My daughter lights up with laughter as she listens to Cory Carson sing songs and play melodies on the bench!

She loves to take her pals to another town on the bench :)

9. Make the space below count

Rolling storage drawers are a great way to store toys in smaller spaces. Whether you have extra space below a desk, couch, or even a bed, utilizing that space can free up the play area.

10. Plan for extra room to play

Creating ample space to play is one of most important benefits of organization. When choosing storage and furniture, or simply reorganizing, remember to plan for pretend play. With our open floor space, the kids imagine and go on adventures, pushing Cory and his friends around to trigger some super fun sound effects.

We hope you enjoyed these kid-friendly tips for organizing your child's playroom. Implement just a few and your kids will be having fun with Cory Carson and his pals in an organized playroom in no time.

Kayla Hollomon is a former engineer and a marketing consultant for wellness and consumer brands. She is also a stay-at-home mom of two and has home schooled her children for the last two years. She is the author of, a resource created to provide activities, tips, inspiration, and ideas for moms. Her love for children has grown into a passion for helping busy moms create fun and educational environments for their children while also organizing their lives and homes to promote balance and happiness.

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