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D.I.Y. Go! Go! Cory Carson Halloween Costume!

If you were wondering how to craft your very own *last minute* Go! Go! Cory Carson costume, this is the post for you!

My name is Jacqueline and I work for VTech - one of my friends asked me if I could help come up with a costume for her son who was begging to be Cory from Go! Go! Cory Carson (VTech's preschool show on Netflix!).

So, I googled how to make a car costume, and I think I've come pretty close:


  • A box your kid fits into. I chose a grocery box I already had that was 10.5 x 15 inches

  • Cardboard

  • Orange craft foam - I found 12 x 18 inch sheets and used 6 of them

  • White craft foam - again, used about 3 12 x18 inch sheets

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

  • Duct tape (I happened to have orange, but don't think it's a deal breaker to have other colors - it's for the inside.

  • Black Sharpie to draw the face or you could cut out face shapes from black construction paper or craft foam

  • Yellow craft foam or construction paper for headlights

  • Red craft foam or construction paper for tail lights, mouth, and license plate

  • Ribbon or webbing for straps


Find a box that your kid fits in. I chose a grocery box that happened to have straps already attached to it & it was easy to send home with my friend to make sure it fit her son - here's a blurry FaceTime screenshot of the "fitting" day :)


Grab your duct tape and hot glue gun - it's time to cover the outside of our box in orange craft foam!

(I originally thought I could just spray paint the box orange... terrible idea. Foam's the way to go - learn from my mistakes!)

Step Three

To make Cory's head/face you're going to want to get some cardboard and cut it to the width of your box. Height is up to you - I haven't totally decided if we're going to put Cory's face on this and have it end chin-height on the wearer, or if we're going to leave the "windshield" empty and raise it up over his face so that his face is there instead of Cory's... TBD!

You'll then want to cover that piece with orange craft foam. If you're going with the solid windshield / Cory Carson face, you'll want to also glue a piece of white foam behind it.


Cory Carson has some racing stripes down his hood - cut those out of foam and glue 'em on! I then added a 1" stripe of foam around the bottom for his "bumper"

I also added some curved pieces to be the "sides" and will add a third to be the back piece - I'm going to wait on gluing these to the costume until I have the kiddo try it on to make sure I don't position them too high or too low.

That's it for now - I'll update when it's complete with pics for you! - Jacqueline

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