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Dinosaur Themed Valentine's Day Breakfast

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Making memories with your family is what Valentine's Day is all about. You want your kids to feel special and loved. You want to do something fun to celebrate. You also want something that is easy to put together.

That's why you should surprise your kids with a dinosaur themed Valentine's Day breakfast!

It's the perfect way to ROAR into Valentine's Day. These fun dinosaur themed foods and activities are sure to help you create wonderful holiday memories with your kids.

Dinosaur Themed Breakfast Food Ideas

No dinosaur themed Valentine's Day breakfast would be complete without dinosaur pancakes and dinosaur waffles. You can make both the pancakes and the waffles from scratch, but the frozen versions work just as well. Do whatever works for your family!

Dinosaur Fruit Pancake

  • 1/4 to 1/2 banana

  • 1 round pancake

  • 1 mini pancake

  • 2 blueberries

  • 1 strawberry, cut into a heart shape

  • Syrup or whipped cream

Assemble the pancake dinosaur by using the regular size pancake for the body and the mini pancake for the head. Cut the banana to fit between the pancakes as the neck. Use the blueberries for the feet and add a strawberry heart. Serve with syrup or whipped cream.

Dinosaur Fruit Waffle

  • 1 round waffle (we used frozen)

  • 1 mini pancake

  • 2 blueberries

  • 1 blackberry

  • 1 strawberry, cut into a heart shape

  • Syrup or whipped cream

Cut the waffle in half and use one half for the body. Cut the other half into fourths and use 3 of the fourths as spikes on the back of the body. Add the mini pancake as the head. Use the blueberries for the feet and the blackberry for the tail. Add the strawberry heart and serve with syrup or whipped cream.

Dinosaur Footprint Cookies

  • Store bought or homemade sugar cookie dough

  • Heart shaped cookie cutter

  • Small dinosaur

Use the cookie cutter to cut the dough into heart shapes. Place the heart cookies on a cookie sheet. Use a small plastic dinosaur to make footprints in each of the cookies. Bake according to recipe directions. Let cool and serve.

Dinosaur Valentine's Day Themed Activities

A dinosaur themed breakfast is adorable and yummy, but you don't have to let the Valentine's Day fun stop there. After you eat, gather your family together for some dinosaur Valentine's Day activities!

Make your dinosaur themed Valentine’s Day even better by incorporating VTech®’s Switch & Go® collection, which allows kids to transform dinosaurs into tough vehicles, like the T-Rex Truck or the Velociraptor Helicopter. When you change the dinosaur into a vehicle, its eyes transform into a driver. Each dinosaur has a special skill, like the strongest bite ever, and has unique sound effects. You can also include these fun items as part of your Valentine’s Day activities.

Dinosaur Balloon Love Notes

Use a permanent marker to turn plain balloons into special love notes!

Tie helium filled balloons to each of the VTech Switch & Go dinosaurs. Use the permanent marker to write things you love about each other on the balloon. Display the VTech Switch & Go dinosaurs and balloons for the kids to read during breakfast.

Dinosaur Valentine Mailbox

  • Cardstock or construction paper

  • Box with opening (we used heart shaped)

  • Tape

  • Googly eyes

  • Marker

Use scissors to cut out a dinosaur shaped head and tape it onto the box above the opening. We cut out a triceratops head and used heart shapes for the horns, but you can design yours in any way you would like. Add feet to the bottom and googly eyes to the face. Use the marker to draw a smile and fill the box with valentines for each other!

After breakfast, untie the balloons from the Switch & Go® dinos and use them to create a balloon bouquet. Then use your favorite dinosaurs for a Dino Heart Roll and Race game!

Dinosaur Heart Roll and Race Game

  • Switch & Go dinosaur for each player

  • 20+ heart cut outs

  • dice

Place the heart cut outs on the floor in two parallel lines. Give each player a VTech Switch & Go dinosaur and a die. Roll to see who goes first, highest roll begins. Take turns rolling the die and moving your dinosaur along the hearts until someone gets to the end and wins. Restart after you get a winner and keep playing!

Using these simple ideas to create a dinosaur themed breakfast is a sweet way to kick off Valentine's Day and make memories with your kids.

You can never go wrong with a dinosaur theme!

Megan is the creator of Coffee Cups and Crayons, a blog full of simple fun and learning. She believes that kids’ activities don’t have to be complicated to be fun and that learning is better with play.

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