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Just as Sweet: Non-Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Hello, Spring! I was speaking with my mom the other day and she mentioned how early Easter was this year! It’s coming up quickly, and I am so excited to curate thoughtful Easter baskets for the kids. With four children in differing age ranges—we must be very intentional with what we’re purchasing. Our oldest daughter Raegan is 8, Zarie follows at 6, Xander is our 3-year-old, and this will be baby Miles’ very first Easter at 9 months old. As the fourth kid, he benefits from having a mama who is now a pro at what items are perfect to add to his baby basket.


Thankfully, VTech offers a variety of fun toys for children of different ages and interests. I really love to curate our baskets with non-candy items. We do add in a chocolate bunny or some sort of treat, but I really make an effort to choose items they can enjoy throughout the season. Whether you’ve got a little artist, a car lover, or tech-savvy little ones, they’ve got you covered. Add in a new book or Spring staples and you’re all set. I’ve put together a gift guide that will hopefully save you some time and energy creating the perfect Easter baskets for your little ones.



For The Crafty Kiddo

Both of my daughters love arts and crafts, and I have to say I think they may get that from their mom. They express their style and talent through creating, and I love that for them. I was so excited to snag the VTech Make & Spin Bouquet and the VTech Sew & Play Unicorn.

The Make & Spin Bouquet allows them to build up beautiful bouquets, creating different flowers and plants that dance, bloom and spin. Once the flowers are placed, the girls can press the buttons to play relaxing, classical or upbeat music! I can already see the adorable craft and dance parties to come.

The Sew & Play Unicorn is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and my little unicorn-loving First Grader is going to be ecstatic. It comes with everything you need to start sewing away, including a fun bright rainbow mane and tail. The pre-punched stitches and guidebook make it easy to sew, and once you’re done you can sing and play with your colorful new light-up friend.

For The Tiny Tot

Anyone else have a little one that is constantly grabbing for their cell phone? Miles loves to snag mine to play with and chew on, and I am so excited for his new VTech Baby Hello, Hippo! Soft Phone. This is seriously the cutest play phone I’ve ever seen, and I love that it has a plush border that makes it easy to hold. The buttons are also squishy and light-up, encouraging pretend play by introducing numbers, and feelings through music. Another favorite feature is that it has a strap that allows it to conveniently attach to strollers, carriers, and his car seat. It’s already come in handy so many times when I want to give him something engaging so mama can tackle an errand or tend to a sibling. He especially likes the calming heartbeat feature. This is the perfect little Easter basket stuffer for babies 3 months and up.

For The Tech-Savvy Tot

I cannot recommend the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX3 enough! This ultra-cool smartwatch features dual cameras for photos AND video! My girls love mimicking mama as mini content creators, and being able to take their own photos and videos is so fun. It has a variety of games, a flashlight and movement challenges. How awesome to encourage the kids to get up and burn some energy. We can even pair the girls’ DX3 watches so they can play together. Parents, don’t worry about kids getting distracted by these at school, you can switch them to “school mode,” which makes the DX3 a watch only. These are perfect for older kiddos ages 4-12 and come in several fun colors!

For The Car Lover

My son Xander is a car LOVER! He loves to build his own roads, race cars, and use them as pretend play. I got him the cutest little VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Helping Friends for his Easter basket. It features a Police Car that encourages kids to be helpful and a Careful Ambulance that’s always ready to rescue. They’re the perfect size for his hands to play, and I love that the energetic responses encourage learning through play. The lights and music are so cute. Take these up a notch and use them as stuffers for extra-large Easter eggs. What a fun surprise for any child!



Okay, friends, I hope I’ve made your holidays just a little easier by sharing fun ideas for how to create memories, engage your kiddos, and keep learning fun!

Happy Easter and Happy Memory Making!





Shakira is a proud mama of 4, an active-duty military spouse, and the creator behind the Occasions by Shakira motherhood lifestyle blog. She shares ideas for intentional memory-making, celebrating the every day, and holiday magic. She is also the creator of the largely loved #OccasionsBin trend.


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