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How to Enjoy the Big Games With Your Kids

I have what some consider a large family: twin toddlers + a 6 year old + a 12 year old + a 1 year old dog; and one of the things my husband and I love to do with our kids is find ways to make current events a fun learning experience. With all the soccer buzz in the air right now, this was the PERFECT opportunity to use some of our favorite VTech® toys & score some goals!

Sports are huge in our home, whether it be playing them or watching them, they’re a whole family affair. Our kids are here for the fun, shenanigans, and all the extra ways we celebrate the monumental things happening in the world too. If you’re like us and you are ready to dive deep into the soccer craze, I have the perfect toys for your little ones to join in on the fun!

My twins are at the stage where my husband and I spend the day chasing them. They love to play and push all the buttons on the toys and the excitement for it all makes my heart overflow! So, to get our kids super into the soccer spirit and celebrate ALL THE GOALS, we re-enact our own games with our favorite toys!

Ready for one of the twins’ ABSOLUTE favorite toys? I mean they can play and play and never get tired of it!

One of their favorite toys, and the perfect item to get your little ones into the soccer spirit is the VTech® Smart Shots Sports Center. The Smart Shots Sports Centeris perfect for kids 12-36 month old and is a whole experience! Kicking the ball into the net makes the Smart Shots Sports Centerrespond with encouraging sounds and phrases.

Not only can you celebrate all the goals, the VTech® Smart Shots Sports Center also counts the number of baskets on its LED screen and shows fun animations. The gears and shapes will help your little ones work on their numbers and they can hear fun sounds too.

Now if you’re thinking that your child is not quite at the stage to kick a soccer ball, but you still want them to join in on the fun, I have something for you too. The VTech® Bright Lights Soccer Ball is great for rolling, passing, hugging…you name it.

Lucas loves the happy light-up face and hearing the fun songs and numbers. The ball is hand washable and such a soft ball, which is perfect for getting your little loves in on the fun.

I will always talk about how much I love that VTech® products are great grow-with-you toys! The VTech® Kick & Score Playgym is a perfect example of this! From birth, this playgym is perfect for tummy time, floor time, and working on those motor skills.

The colorful characters, the dumbbell rattle, and the twist-and-click kettle ball are perfect for tummy time and sitting play. To keep your little ones engaged, the learning panel teaches colors, shapes, and animals!

Ready for the grow-with-you part? The panel is detachable and great for on-the-go play! AND you can set up the net and let your toddlers kick the soccer ball in!

Growing up, getting ready for the big soccer games was huge. I remember it being a time when the whole family got together to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. As parents, we get to now do the same along with some help from our friends at VTech®!

P.S. Don’t forget to celebrate every goal!

Karen is the mom behind Mamma Bear Says, a family and creative brand empowering parents to live their most authentic and creative lives. She is a mom of 4, including twin toddlers, and loves to share her tips, tricks, and stories of all the good, the messy, and the chaos.

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