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How to find "Me Time" with your Toddler

As a mom of 3, having daily routines is a lifesaver for keeping the household together. We all know parenting can be overwhelming at times so it’s crucial that moms make it a point to find some “me time” throughout the day. Here are a few things that have helped me with my toddler:

Find Me Time Before The Kids Get Up Or After They Go Down

I like to use this time while the house is quiet to really think through the start of my day or wind down from the day. I also use this time to pick up toys and tidy up the house. With the VTech V-Care Over-the-Crib Smart Nursery Baby Monitor, I can lay Sarai down for a nap and watch her in real time.


This baby camera has so many features, like a built-in temperature sensor, a built-in night light, and calming lullabies that play right from the camera unit. With a high-definition video like this, I can clearly see and hear Sarai when she wakes up. The best part is I can watch from the parent unit, my phone, or tablet.

Naptime is also another opportunity for us moms to catch our breath. Whether your toddler is napping in their crib or pack-and-play, use this time to unwind. Even if you want to sit in complete silence, prioritize the things that will relax and restore you.

Pull Out All The Interactive Toys

We know toddlers don’t have the longest attention span. Keeping them surrounded with interactive toys that light up and make noise will keep them engaged long enough for me to find time for a breather. Our VTech toys teach fine motor skills, colors, and numbers which make play time just as educational and fun.




Some of Sarai’s toys that keep her engaged for a while are:

She can turn gears, spin the rollers, and move the ladybug slider to flex her little finger muscles. There are motion-activated sounds and music that reward every roll.


This colorful book includes six familiar nursery rhymes, and they play by simply turning the pages! The cute illustrations and interactive play features encourage gross and fine motor skills for toddlers.


This is the ultimate “keep them occupied during snack time” toy! Kids can learn numbers and objects to help build language skills and gross motor skills. It sticks to any smooth surface using the suction cup so you won’t have to keep picking it up off the floor.


Finding “me time” as a mom with a toddler may seem impossible at times but it just requires a little creativity. Every day will look different, and plans may change but remember to show yourself grace and prioritize finding that “me time” throughout the day. So, while you’re filling everyone’s cup being super mom, don’t forget to fill yours too.










Author Bio:

Natalie Robinson, also known as Millennialmommyboss, is a wife, mother of 3, banker and a digital life sharer. Her blog and social profile consist of all things Family, Finance, and Fun! She enjoys spending time with her family and hopes to encourages others to create their family memories. She started her blog in 2016 and since then has had the opportunity to partner with household brands her family loves.


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