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Unlocking New Skills Through The Power of Play

Play is more than just fun and games.

When raising a child with a disability, playtime is often the secret sauce to honing skills. We learned early on that working on a new skill through play often helps solidify these skills faster than with regular therapy alone. There’s even brain science to back this up.

So, how do we make sure our daughter is having a blast while getting all these awesome brain benefits? By picking super cool toys that encourage her to move and have fun while working on getting stronger.

We’ve used fun VTech Toys in our home therapy routine for years. Two of the all-stars in our lineup are the KidiStar Karaoke Machine and the KidiGo Basketball Hoop.

These are not your average toys; they make home therapy playtime something our daughter looks forward to.

The VTech KidiStar Karaoke Machine has been one of our favorites for years. Our daughter loves to perform, and it happens to be the perfect toy for her to sing along to her favorite songs while working on her standing balance and weight shifting.

With the KidiStar Karaoke Machine, we are able to incorporate fun and play into otherwise routine exercises. 

The KidiStar Karaoke Machine holds her interest far longer than other standing balance activities. She loves that we can hook up our phones to sing along to any song, which is pretty awesome for mixing things up. Plus, with games, voice changes, a recording option, and a cool disco light, she never runs out of new things to try.

Another of our MVPs for working on therapy goals during play is the VTech KidiGo Basketball Hoop. This is a must-have for any home therapy play session. Like the karaoke machine, the KidiGo Basketball hoop has different games to play so that kids don’t get bored, and it's a fantastic way for her to work on moving her body in new ways.

It’s also super motivating as it lights up and cheers when you score. We’ve come up with endless activities to work on and reinforce specific motor skills.

Because this hoop can easily hang on a door, be mounted on a wall, or even hang over a chair, there are all sorts of possibilities for varied games, making it super versatile for therapy play.

Setting Up the Ideal Play Space

Getting these awesome toys is just the start. You also want to make sure the play area is set up to make the most of them. Here are a few tips:

●      Putting Toys in the Right Spots: Place toys where your child can easily get to them and move around. This way, they’re encouraged to play and move as much as they like, not just during focused therapy time.

●      Letting Kids Choose: Giving kids the power to pick what they want to play with during home therapy makes them feel in charge and motivated.

●      Keeping Challenges Just Right: We use the toys' cool features to set small goals for Maya, ensuring she feels fantastic when she reaches them. This keeps playtime both fun and rewarding.

In short, by choosing the right toys and setting up a great space for play, we can make therapy time fun and motivating.

That's how we make sure Maya gets stronger and happier, one playtime at a time.




Ann Tisdale, a disability advocate and author from Michigan, has penned two highly acclaimed children's books about disability. She shares her life with her husband, their three kids, and a three-pawed goldendoodle, weaving her personal experiences into her work to educate and connect with others on the journey.



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