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Screen-Free Summer Activities for Kids!

Summertime is in full swing, and you’ll hear the words “I’m bored” at least a few times during the summer break months, so you’ll need some fun activities.

Keeping screen time low is something we automatically think about. It can be hard especially when it’s too hot or you just want to stay indoors. Although, it would be easier to just offer a tablet on those days, keeping kids engaged and not just staring at a screen is one task that they should continue even when they aren’t in school. This is especially true during those early years between kindergarten and 3rd grade.

That’s where summer activities come into play

Getting them going and moving with products they can enjoy is a piece of it. My oldest has been obsessed with dinosaurs since he was 3 years old. Of course, integrating some type of Jurassic and prehistoric dinosaur is a must when it comes to independent play for him. Finding activities that he will do has been relatively easy since we know what he enjoys during his downtime.

VTech® has always offered a variety of different products, including their VTech® Switch & Go® collection. These products are a group of prehistoric dinosaurs that turn into vehicles. These items are great to incorporate into different activities, which then calls for hours of imaginative play and even independent play.

My oldest boy loves to create an alternate living space for the dinosaurs, and he also likes to create rescue missions between them all and the machines they are able to transform into.

Summer activities you can do while using the VTech® Switch & Go® products

There are several different dinosaurs within this line that can be used during your summer activities. Below, you will find a few of our favorites and more info on the dinosaurs. Also included are different summer activities that can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Hide and Seek: Hide in plain sight a transformed dino and see if the kids can find it. You can also hide the dinosaurs indoors or outdoors and see how many they can find.

  • Would You Rather?: Play a game of Would You Rather? Explain which dinosaur is which and ask your child why they would want to be that dinosaur. They can either explain or draw why.

  • Dinosaur Charades: Act out being a dinosaur and guess which one the person is pretending to be before transforming into a vehicle. You can also pretend to be the transformed vehicle too!

  • Create your own Jurassic Prehistoric Environment: Get some green and brown construction paper, grass or brown rice. Empty everything into a large bin to create a jungle with the dinosaurs.

  • Dino / Transform Challenge: Transform a few of the VTech® Switch & Go® products into their vehicles and others into dinosaurs and see if you can guess their other form (what dino they are or what vehicle they are).

  • Escape The Lava: Plan an escape using some dinos and transform others into vehicles to help get away from an island volcano explosion

We’ve been able to integrate the dinos into these activities, or what my son calls missions. We were so impressed with how each dinosaur is different, which helps keep his playtime at a maximum and he doesn’t get bored with these VTech® Switch & Go® products.

VTech Switch & Go Velociraptor Helicopter

My oldest is obsessed with raptors and Tyrannosaurus Rex so he always likes to challenge them against each other. This was the first dinosaur he opted to open. This raptor inspires imaginative play with animated LCD eyes and dinosaur sound effects and phrases. Plus, it has a rocket launcher, which makes for more indoor fun. It also transforms into a helicopter which in turn has its own sound effects. This turns into hours of fun since it has 70+ phrases and sound effects in both modes.

VTech Switch & Go Velociraptor Racer

You can switch up playtime by transforming the dino into a turbo-charged racer with a few simple moves. Plus, you can watch how the dino’s eyes change on the LCD screen into a race car driver and hear how the voice changes too. This would make for a great rescue opp.

VTech Switch & Go T-Rex Off-Roader

This is another favorite. You can make the dino’s head shoot forward and its jaws snap. It has voice changing action like all the others but this one is fiercer, which makes for a great dinosaur battle. Plus, T-Rex always has the strongest bite and transforms into a rugged off-road driver.

These are just a few but below you can find six more VTech® Switch & Go® dinosaurs that you can include in your summer activities.

1. VTech® Switch & Go® T-Rex Truck

2. VTech® Switch & Go® Triceratops Bulldozer

3. VTech® Switch & Go® Spinosaurus Race Car

4. VTech® Switch & Go® Triceratops Racer

5. VTech® Switch & Go® Spinosaurus Stunt Car

6. VTech® Switch & Go® Stegosaurus Buggy

Each of these VTech Switch & Go products are sold separately and can provide hours of fun this summer. Let me know which one of these would bring the most fun and what summer activities you would include these in?

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