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Baby Playtime During First Year Milestones

Whether you’re a first time mom or a third time mom like me, baby milestones are just as exciting each time around! And, you better believe it goes by even quicker the more kids you have. I absolutely LOVE cheering on my new baby girl, Olivia, during each of her incredible first year milestones. I one hundred percent believe that childhood learning is done best through play.


Your baby will start holding their head up. They will also begin to smile, laugh and coo. Those are the sweetest sounds! The first baby “toy” I usually take out is a visually pleasing and soft play gym. The VTech® 7-in-1 Senses & Stages Developmental Gym™ is perfect from birth and beyond. I can encourage Olivia to explore the sights, sounds and textures of the mat, musical xylophone and sensory toys.

Babies can gaze at the overhead arches and linkable toys. This play gym truly can grow with Olivia all the way to toddlerhood. The developmental guide explains how to use the play zones for each stage. Look at her little feet getting ready to kick and play the xylophone!


Your baby will start to roll over, sit up, and grab at objects. Olivia is 6 months old and this is such a FUN stage! Her naps are becoming more scheduled now, so we are taking advantage of that special playtime period during the day.

The VTech® Tummy Time Discovery Pillow™ is perfect for both tummy time action early on and sitting up, which emerges later in the stage. The pillow has multiple textures, patterns and colors for visual and tactile stimulation. The light-up piano keys on the removable piano introduce numbers, colors, shapes and animals. It plays sing-along nursery rhymes, music and short tunes.

How adorable is the VTech® Explore & Crawl Elephant™?! I swear Olivia looks like she’s trying to make the same cute face the elephant is making. This crawling, ear-flapping elephant with a bright light up-star, encourages gross motor development as little ones crawl and walk after him. Olivia started to crawl right at 6 months, which is a bit early for this milestone. I keep telling her to slow down. Mama’s not ready for this to go by so fast! This cute elephant will grow with her beyond the crawling stage. It asks kids to identify colors and numbers by pressing buttons and has 45+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases.


Your baby will start to crawl, stand up, and the baby babble begins. This is also when more solids are introduced, and highchair time becomes more frequent. I’ve had a version of the VTech® Turn & Learn Ferris Wheel™ for each of my babies. The Ferris wheel will stay put with a suction cup bottom so you don’t have to keep picking it up off the floor. It will keep wiggly kids entertained as each spin plays sounds and songs with three flashing stars to capture their interest.

Olivia just had her first solid food! We went with mashed bananas. I’ve done avocado with my other two, but the avocado I bought went bad, so the next best thing we had in our pantry was bananas. She spit it out right away, but I love watching her explore new things!


Your baby will start to talk and say their first words (I’m rooting for “Mama”!). They also might begin to walk. But don’t worry if they don’t. That’s normal too. Neither of my first two walked before their first birthdays. Olivia seems to want to keep up with her older sister and brother though, so maybe she will surprise us!

Either way, the VTech® Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker™ is perfect for playtime during the later stages of that important first year. Start out with the easy-to-remove activity panel for floor play, then step it up with the fun-to-maneuver walker. Spinning gears, five piano keys, colorful rollers, light-up shape sorters, light-up buttons and a telephone handset offer endless fun that will stimulate your baby's learning and develop their motor skills.

You made it mama; that first year went by in a flash! Seriously, I can’t believe how fast my little one is growing (cue the tears!). You better believe I’m soaking it all in and taking advantage of playtime with our engaging VTech® Baby toys. For other motherhood ideas follow along at SUGAR MAPLE notes or on Instagram @SUGARMAPLEnotes. Let’s be friends! - xoxo Sarah

Sarah Harmsen is the creator behind SUGAR MAPLE notes – a lifestyle blog about home, family and motherhood. She’s a mom of two imaginative kiddos, Levi and Evelyn and one NEW baby girl, Olivia Jay. Grab a cup of coffee because Sarah is sure to have one in her hand. Come feel at home with her and her family as they make everyday moments into something special!

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