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Family Movie Night

We are huge movie lovers in our family. We would head out to the theaters almost monthly, before the pandemic, and once everything shut down---we decided to make our own movie theater. One of our absolute favorite traditions was born from us adapting to life in quarantine. It started with us snagging a projector and screen set, and then we took our snacks and cozy blankets to the backyard for a movie--kind of drive-in style.

Now these outdoor family movie nights have become something we cherish, and look forward to doing together. As a matter of fact, my daughters, Raegan and Zarie, decided to go behind the camera to create a movie of their own using their VTech® KidiZoom® Creator Cam.

We are a military family, and so the people we love are spread all over the country. The girls created a movie about our different family members, and the states they live in. The KidiZoom® Creator Cam is a digital camera that enables kids to take still photos and high-definition videos. The camera kit has several features, including a built-in microphone, editing and creative tools, a green screen and more than 20 animated backgrounds. Our family just moved to California, and the girls were able to film themselves with an ocean background while talking about our new state.

These awesome features made for an incredible little video, and the best part was the pride that they did it themselves. It was so cute to watch them record, and even ask one another questions on camera. The tripod was easy for them to maneuver as they needed, and they quickly figured out how to navigate through the camera’s menus. We helped them upload the video to our computer via the included USB cable, and then connected it to the projector. For their big movie premiere, they had us set up a special outdoor movie night, which included actual tickets, a concession stand, and dreamy movie lights. I think there is something so special about giving your kids the space to create something of their own. The giggles while they used their KidiZoom® Creator Cam were unmatched.

I am excited to share some fun ways you can turn up the magic on family movie night at your home. Consider setting the mood to mirror an actual theater. Use a screen, white sheet, or white garage door to project your movie. String up a few holiday lights to turn up the magical feel. Grab all the coziest blankets for the comfiest seat in the house. We have used lawn chairs, air mattresses, our camping tent, and even the girls’ blow-up pool filled with blankets, as seating.

Next up--SNACKS! Helping the girls make their ticket booth/concession stand was beyond fun. All you really need is a few theater candy boxes, a roll of tickets, and popcorn. We always air pop fresh popcorn, and for the fancy movie premiere, everyone got individual popcorn boxes. Earlier in the day, each of us earned snack tickets by doing chores in the house or for extra kind behavior.

Having the girls involved from start to finish was such a fun experience. Their movie was darling, and I know it is a memory that we won’t quickly forget.

Shakira is a proud mama of 3, military spouse, and creator behind the Occasions by Shakira motherhood lifestyle blog. She shares ideas that spark intentional memory making, celebrating the everyday, and holiday magic. She is also the creator of the largely loved #OccasionsBin trend.

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