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Tips on how to teach children about the importance of recycling and our environment

We can no longer pretend to ignore the situation that the earth is in anymore. Environmental risks have made it harder for the earth to survive and now it's time for us to start taking care of the planet. As we raise the next generation, we need to understand why it's so essential to teach our kids to take careof the environment. A healthy planet is after all going to make their future brighter, better and happier. It's time for each one of us to stop simply trying to do something and instead take necessary steps to help our kids learn about how to protect the environment. In this article, let's talk about some tips that will help you teach your kids to recycle and save the environment. 1. Kids learn quickly by watching what you do. You can't teach your kids about anything unless you, yourself, are passionate about that topic or want to learn more about it. Your kids will find it easier to learn about the importance of the environment once they see their parents doing the same. Whether you make an effort to recycle as much as possible, or you plant more trees around the house, your kids are going to notice every little thing. Your constant behavior is going to help them feel motivated or at least curious about saving the planet through their actions. Thus, it's definitely a step in the right direction if you start caring for nature first.

2. Books are the best helpers. Books about the environment might seem boring sometimes, but they are one of the best resources to learn about how to take care of nature as part of your daily routine. Plus, most kids tend to love books in general. You can find several kid-friendly books online as well as in-stores that can help you teach your kids about the environment. These books are sometimes filled with images as kids often learn quickly through visual tools. You can also find several online videos and classes that help them learn about recycling with practical examples and situations. Books can make your task a lot less difficult by helping you teach your kids about the importance of the environment in a way that they will surely understand a bit quicker.

3. Educational toys make the entire process a lot more funfor kids of any age.

If you have toddlers or young kids, you might be worried about them not really grasping difficult concepts, like specific environmental issues. But you don't have to start them with difficult topics to learn about the importance of the environment. And that is exactly when buying educational toys can come in handy - these days, you can find toys that teach your kids to care about the environment and animals in a subtle way. These toys can also help thembecome more interested in saving the planet and help them find ways to become friendlier with nature and its other components. Therefore, you can also try to find educational toys that will help your kids learn about the environment.

Your kids are never too young to start learning about recycling. The VTech® Sort & Recycle Ride-On Truck™ is a great way to teach kids ages 1.5 to 3 years old about the importance of recycling in a funway. This will help to establish good lifelong habits while they are still young. Here are some fun facts about this VTech® Ride-On Truck:

  • This recycling truck is made from plastic that is 90% reclaimed; using reclaimed plastic means less waste goes into landfills. Not only are kids able to play with this toy, but they are also already doing their part by using a toy that is good for the environment.

  • Beginner recyclers will love hopping on this lean, green recycling machine and driving around while learning about recycling things like plastic and reusing everyday objects. There are so many fun facts that teach them all about recycling.

  • Load up the red heart, yellow hexagon and blue circle play pieces that represent plastic, metal andpaper. Practice makes perfect. They can learn from a young age how to correctly recycle.

  • Sort items into the correct bins, just like at home. Kids love being like mom and dad and learning to sort helps them to follow your example.

  • Kids can also explore ways to repurpose everyday items or take a quiz to reinforce what they’re learning. My kids loved taking the quizzes and learning about new ways to recycle that they never thought of.

  • Reuse and remix the included melodies by inserting a block into a bin, to add sound effects thatmake each melody sound new. The music and melodies make it so much fun for kids to play along. You can learn more about VTech®’s eco-friendly products here:

4. Start meaningful conversations about this with your children. Talking about things will help you understand how easy or difficult it's going to be for you to make your child interested in a topic, like taking care of the environment. Plus, it also makes it easier for kids to come and ask you a question in case there is something they don't really understand on their own. Make sure that you talk to your kids regularly about the importance of the environment and why you are sopassionate about this topic. Ask them what else you can do to help them so that they can also find interest in the same topic. Solve their doubts frequently and involve them when you are doing something that can potentially help nature. This continuous conversation will bring you all closer, and together, you can learn about the environment.

5. Set goals that are doable for both you and your children.

Setting goals is another proven way to encourage your child to help the environment. But you have to ensure that you set goals your kids can actually achieve with constant hard work. These goals don't have to be anything extraordinary - they can be something simple like wasting less foodaround the house, making use of the dry and wet waste cans wisely, or anything like that. These goals are easy for kids to understand and achieve with a little bit of help and guidance from their parents. 6. Find fun games to make this process exciting for children. Kids adore playing games with their parents - they are always trying get their parents to play with them throughout the day. Games can thus be one of the ways in which you can teach your kids to respect and care for the environment. You can always create your own games based on what you think your kids will enjoy. Otherwise, theinternet is there to help you find games that teach about the environment with age-appropriate activities.You can play these games once in a while instead of letting your kids use electronics, and therefore practice caring for the environment around the house. 7. The more you practice, the better your kids will learn to carefor nature.

There is no denying that this is not a one-day task for you or your kids - it will probably take months to getinto the habit of protecting the environment in any way possible. And at times, your small efforts might feel like they are not making any impact. But you and your children have to believe that it's all for the future - if you learn about the importance of the environment now and start caring for it, the future will benefit from it. With a lot of practice, you will surely start to see the impacts of your daily efforts and know that you are doing something right. So, keep practicing and teaching your kids to help the environment.


In this article, we talked about some ways to help your kids understand the importance of caring for the environment and recycling process. Right now, is probably the best time for you to start your family’s journey towards becoming more sustainable and more loving towards mother nature.

We hope that these tips help you get your kids on-board with this journey Then you can also start becoming more environmentally friendly along with your kids as well!

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